SanDisk SD Card with white label?

Is there a genuine SanDisk SD Card with a white label?

We use a lot of SD cards here. Some for testing, some for work, a lot of them for bundling with our devices. So I have a small and nice collection of different older cards used for testing compatibility.

Sometimes it happens that a customer returned device contains an SD card (even if we always tell not to do so) and this time we got a 2GB SanDisk card wearing an unusual white label which took my interest.

SanDisk SD Card with white label

I asked the customer where he got the card from and he instantly replied ‘ebay’, so I asked SanDisk customer support if this card is a regular one and why the label is white and I got the following reply:

In consultation with the customer, I replaced the card with a non-OEM one and added the white labeled card to my collection 🙂


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  1. Good one. I have 18 SD cards and 6 SDHC and 2 SDXC cards. I have a Samsung OEM card with a white label just like the one you showed.


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