Firmware / Embedded Software

Milestone Ace - Digital Assistant and Audio Player Series
Oct 2013 – 2015

The new Milestone 312 Ace is a smart assistant for organization and entertainment.
Besides the base features as Audio and eBook Player (Text-to-speech), it provides FM broadcasting, a personal organizer and even lets you create your self-written games and applications using the LUA scripting language.

Bones Audio Development Board
2012 – 2015

The Bones Audio Development Board is a professional iMX233 SoC based development board, aimed at developers of high-quality audio solutions.

Bones Speech & Sound Module (BSM) / Talking Stamp
2011 – 2015

Project descriptionThe Bones Speech & Sound Module (BSM) is a Freescale iMX233-based modular hardware design for text-to-speech applications and audio playback. The fully integrated module converts digital text, provided via a serial interface, into a high-quality natural voice and provides an easy way to speech-enable any embedded application.

Technologies: C, C++, embedded, ARM-SoC, system-design, Qt

At Bones AG, I focused on design, development, and production of ARM SoC-based embedded audio solutions. I gave life to the Bones audio players by doing the design and bare metal development of the firmware written in plain C. Additionally, I created the object-oriented C++/Qt-based cross-platform tools and companion applications necessary for a successful product.

Application Development

Sinar eXposure
2005 – 2009

Sinar eXposure (now called Capture Flow) is an ICC based digital photo editing/workflow application for capturing, processing and exporting images shot with Sinar digital camera backs.

Technologies: GUI, Qt, C++, cross-platform, software-design, OOD

As lead GUI-developer at Sinar AG, my task was the object-oriented design and implementation of C++/Qt-based, platform-independent, digital photo editing tools for professional photographers. I worked closely with designers and professional photographers regarding imaging best practices and workflow to create a state-of-the-art graphical user interface for a digital photo application, keeping up with the best on the market.