Rendering networkx graphs or graphml files via Mermaid

Using python and networkx, you may create some beautiful graphs and store them as graphml file:

This will give us the following graphml:

Unfortunately, rendering them the standard way by using draw and Graphviz is producing a bitmap file that I do not want to include in my[…]

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Check if your crross-compiler GCC toolchain is supporting hard-float

I recently recognized my GCC toolchains are not consistent regarding floating-point support. If you want to check your toolchain against hard-float, too, keep on reading. Let’ have a look at, for example, arm-cortex-a8___gcc-8.3.0___glibc-2.29___linux-4.4.174___float-auto___ctng-crosstool-ng-1.24.0: This nicely named crosstool-ng (a toolchain generator) build toolchain states float=auto, which means GCC may choose the[…]

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Easily Counting Bits – bin/dec/hex converter

Dealing with registers could sometime be a straining job. To make my work somewhat easier I developed a small tool which is basically a bin/dec/hex converter aiming embedded developers which have to deal with hardware registers a lot. It’s capable displaying bit positions as well as manipulating single bits. Registerer is developed using the[…]

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