Rendering networkx graphs or graphml files via Mermaid

Using python and networkx, you may create some beautiful graphs and store them as graphml file:

This will give us the following graphml:

Unfortunately, rendering them the standard way by using draw and Graphviz is producing a bitmap file that I do not want to include in my[…]

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Check if your crross-compiler GCC toolchain is supporting hard-float

I recently recognized my GCC toolchains are not consistent regarding floating-point support. If you want to check your toolchain against hard-float, too, keep on reading. Let’ have a look at, for example, arm-cortex-a8___gcc-8.3.0___glibc-2.29___linux-4.4.174___float-auto___ctng-crosstool-ng-1.24.0: This nicely named crosstool-ng (a toolchain generator) build toolchain states float=auto, which means GCC may choose the[…]

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Linux kernel consoleblank argument ignored

The consoleblank kernel parameter I currently work on an embedded system using Qt 5.6 for the application running on Linux 4.4. and faced the problem, that after the end of the main application the console blanks after 15 minutes. In general, you can set this behavior via the kernel consoleblank argument. So,[…]

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Read SD Card Serial Number from CID

For my current project, I tried to read the SD Card serial number because the number is factory stamped and unchangeable, so it easily could be used to protect embedded firmware from being copied (1). The serial number is stored in the Card Identification Register (CID) which is read by[…]

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