010 Editor – Fix not showing help file

… Or how to re-register a help file for Qt Assistant

010 Editor is my favorite multiplatform HEX Editor, but the current Version (7.0.2 by the time of writing) seems to have a problem with the help system on my machine (Kubuntu running xfce).

Fortunately, 010 Editor is using the Qt Assistant help system for displaying his help, so I was able to fix the problem by myself.

Analyzing the problem

First, I checked the command line 010 Editor is issuing to show the help system.

To do this, first show the process ID of the running assistant. We will need it for the next step.

Afterwards, I checked the command line used to display Qt Assistant:

Which is in my case:

As said before 010 Editor is written in Qt and Qt Assistant stores his help configuration in an SQLite database:

Re-register the help file for Qt assistant

If you check the assistant tool, you will find some helpful commands to register a new help file:

But to register an already registered file we have to delete the old information from the Database. To do this, I use DB Browser for SQLite.

Then call:

That’s it 🙂

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