Easily Counting Bits – bin/dec/hex converter

Dealing with registers could sometime be a straining job. To make my work somewhat easier I developed a small tool which is basically a bin/dec/hex converter aiming embedded developers which have to deal with hardware registers a lot. It’s capable displaying bit positions as well as manipulating single bits.

Registerer is developed using the Qt Framework.

Opensource bin/dec/hex converter written in Qt

Full source code is available on GitHub: https://github.com/MikeBergmann/Registerer

Usage is pretty simple:

Enter a number in the number field and press enter. Prefix the number with 0b in case you enter a binary or 0x if you enter a hex number.
CTRL-d (or d[isplay] button) will toggle through dec/hex/bin.

You may show a bit position pointer by entering the position into the pos field.
CTRL-t (or the t[oggle] button) will toggle the bit at the position pointed by ‘Pos’.


Convert binary 10101010 to hex:
Enter 0b10101010 into ‘Number’ and press CTRL-d twice.

Create a hex number with bit 31 is one:

Enter 0x0 into ‘Number’ to indicate you want a hex.
Enter 31 into ‘Pos’ and press CTRL-t (or the t button).

Create a binary number with bit 15 is one:

Enter 0b0 into ‘Number’ to indicate you want a binary.
Enter 15 into ‘Pos’ and press CTRL-t (or the t button).

I would be happy if you tell me if you like the tool, or if you have some feature missing.

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Mike Bergmann

Technical software developer loving low level, bit peeking, embedded development as well as GUI, OO, and X-platform development.

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